The South Korean septet, now down to six, MONSTA X, goes all out as it graces an interview with Good Day New York, talking about its latest album FATAL LOVE and a world tour hint!


MONSTA X was invited for an exclusive interview with Fox's Good Day New York on December 1 (Tuesday), where the band touched about their lives during the pandemic. As per Allkpop, aside from the pandemic, the band exclusively shared how they got to curate their latest album amid the painful lockdowns.

On top of the happenings in the world today, it did not hinder the all-boy group from building its sole stage again in the K-pop music scene. The group's newest album entitled FATAL LOVE is its third album entry, leading I.M to share that all members got to participate in the making process, and it feels "fantastic." I.M also persuaded the viewers of the said show to listen to the album's tracks "right away."

When asked about the members' insights about the album's title track, Love Killa, and its music video, where some were put behind bars. I.M further explained that hate comes from love, and the concept of the music video was from that specific emotion.

The member added that they wanted to make every band member look like a killer who kills one's heart, then further shared that the concept best matches the song.

Despite the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the boys took the time to practice, record, and work out, as they anticipate for the album's release.

Is there a world tour on the wraps?

Fox reported that promoting the album through a world was halted and is temporarily laid aside. However, it may come soon. Here is what I.M and the band's revelation:

"Unfortunately, yes, we are still waiting for the good time to go on world tour. I know you guys are having a very tough time, but this time will get well soon and I hope we can meet as soon as possible."