BTS's collaboration with one of Nexon's hit games called MapleStory led the eldest member of the band, Jin, to meet his idol from the game.

BTS Jin is a fan of the man behind MapleStory

In a Korea Boo report, the 27-year-old Moon singer, BTS Jin, all of a sudden was mesmerized and star-struck when he saw his idol. The Director of Nexon, Kang Won Ki, graced the meeting of the boy band inside the Big Hit Entertainment building, creating a buzz inside the room.

It all started when the K-pop septet, including Suga, shares their individual and unique game stories. Jin went first by sharing that he lost a friend back when he was still young because of the game, and another story that made his fellow band members laugh.

V and J-hope also shared their stories, alongside RM, who revealed vast information about his previous stage name. Moreover, RM shared that his character's name inspired his Runch Randa stage name in the game.

Jin makes BTS burst into laughter

The said happenings mentioned above took place on the first episode of The MapleStory Original | MapleStory X BTS, uploaded on the game's official Youtube channel.

Jin shared that he was given a chance to meet the director of Nexon, Kang Won Ki, who happened to be in the same building. The laughter came when his fellow band members asked the crooner to bow to the director just like he does in the said game.

"You took a lot of my money," Jin said, making the room filled with laughter. Jin then was very rapid to transition from a fanboy to the boss by telling the director about the needed changes that need to be done in the game.

Well, spell fun, ARMYs!

As per Yahoo, BTS did a crossover to MapleStory, making fans of the game and the ARMYs very enthralled about the matter. On top of the band's previous team-up in various games in the past, the recent one with Nexon is one of the best.