LINE FRIENDS is now available for shopping spree events by ARMYs from across the globe as the firm launched its official online store. The worldwide-available selling platform sells BT21 and Brown & Friends collection, leading BTS's fans to gush over how easy they can get the items now.

LINE FRIENDS goes online

In a Hellokpop report, LINE FRIENDS publicized its official online store called LINE FRIENDS Collection on November 24 (Tuesday), PST. The said online selling platform was made available to 17 countries, including Singapore, Japan, Australia, Canada, the Philippines, and the United States of America.

According to Licenseglobal, LINE FRIENDS Collection is an online platform that made its way to the industry in 2019 by selling LINE FRIENDS merchandise through a set of flash sales.

With buyers' extreme demand, the firm decided to venture into another way of reaching out to younger customers, including BTS fans.

As LINE FRIENDS continues its expansion, the original feature of the "flash sale-only" offer will go beyond becoming an all-time available offer for its set of products. With that said, the online store will make 580+ official merchandise available for purchase at any time under the LINE FRIENDS Collection.


Furthermore, an eight-hour flash sale will be made for the store's exclusive BT21 Baby Big Head Cushion and BROWN & FRIENDS merchandise. Aside from those, LINE FRIENDS activities such as Hide and Seek will be facilitated to allow fans to best discount to up to 70%.

Upon its opening, a total of 580 merchandise items were sold on the platform, including BROWN & FRIENDS Monitor Figure and Traditional Hanbok edition Bag Charm Plush Doll, a BT21 Portable Mood Lamp. The said items will be made available for purchase all year under the LINE FRIENDS Collection.

Enticing content is also in wrap this coming December for the avid buyers of LINE FRIENDS. Entertainment features that are on the works to be unveiled next month, including video clips and illustrations.

For further details, visit the official website of LINE FRIENDS.