It seems that the former Wanna One member Lai Kuan Lin has still been receiving a lot of hate and malicious issues after being spotted smoking and spitting on the street despite the apology made. As issues regarding his rumored girlfriend circulate online, the idol has repeatedly stood up to defend himself and issue an apology.

Apology Not Accepted?

On November 25, the former Wanna One star said that he's sorry for hurting everyone who supported him throughout his journey because of everything that happened. "It was the wrong thing to do even if it was somewhere I thought I couldn't be seen," he expressed.

Previously, Wanna one's Lai Kuan Lin's unbecoming acts have been captured by a netizen. The issue has somehow lit up a fire and angered fans.

Despite the idol's apology, Lai Kuan Lin has been the subject of controversy, and one of the idol's fansites moved forward to expose his alleged relationship.

One fansite named Kuanlin_MEM is targeting the idol after the smoking incident. It shared, "Don't you mean that you won't get caught on camera again instead?"

The fansite continued to reveal that it is not the first time Lai Guanlin was caught on camera. "If you have apologized, then there wouldn't have been an incident like this today. Since you scolded a fansite, I knew you weren't a cultured person ever."

Lai Guanlin Denies Allegations

The idol's fansite also claims to have uncovered Lai Kuan Lin's secret social media handles. This includes a Douyin account that is used to like his alleged girlfriend's account's videos.

Furthermore, the fansite claims that Lai Kuan Lin's multiple schedules match up the dates and location. Depending on the phone's live site, Douyin's user location automatically changes in real-time.

Meanwhile, with all these claims made by the fansite, Lai Kuan Lin denied the allegations. He said that if he has any good news to tell about his private life, his fans will be the first to know.

"I'm at a stage where I need to focus on work. I'll reflect on everything that happened today," he added.

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