The brother-sister duo Akdong Musician (AKMU), which was recently reported to have a sibling feud, has sat down on the KBS Cool FM radio show "Jung Eun Ji's Music Plaza" on November 25. The pair talked about their first single titled HAPPENING in one year and two months and their rumored activities.

Previously, the two made everyone giggled as they were caught on camera in the waiting area for KBS2's Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook. The siblings did not have any particular conversation with each other.

While Chanhyuk would listen to clam music, Suhyun would meditate, read a book, or look at her cellphone. The two would maintain a distance even when sitting on the same couch. And while looking at their cellphones, they sit side to side.

Several fans commented, "This is the only pair that would be controversial for being close to each other rather than have arguments," and "It's so funny how they sit apart like that."

AKMU's New Track

In the pair's promotion with their upcoming single HAPPENING, Lee Chanhyuk said that their new track is about how the person in question moves on after the breakup and how they will act in a new love.

Lee Suhyun also shared that HAPPENING is such a great song. "I thought it would be a perfect solo song, but everyone said we have to sing it together," she said.

Jokingly, Lee Chanhyuk agreed and said that he wanted to sing it solo, but everyone said we should release it as AKMU. "This is the reason why I have more parts in this song. I had to add parts for my sister forcibly."

The Sibling Discord

When talking about the rumored "bad relationship" of the two, Lee Chanhyuk said that "there are always discord rumors." Lee Suhyun also brushed off the matter and said that it's common for siblings.

Everyone burst out in laughter after the two were asked about their most recent fight. The pair said that they are not always fighting, but they can fight anytime.

Here is the music video for HAPPENING!