VOGUE Korea paves the way for Kim Woo Bin for a feature, where the actor voluntarily gave the fashion magazine stunning shots.

Kim Woo Bi looks dope in black-and-white shots by Vogue Korea

The South Korean actor and model, Kim Woo Bin, 31, captures the viewers of Vogue Korea with his mesmerizing and in-depth shots with the magazine, according to BreaknewsThe Heirs actor looks sensational as his monochromatic prints captivate a worthy feature for the renowned magazine.

On November 19 (Thursday), Vogue Korea releases four images of Kim Woo Bin on its official Twitter account, revealing the product of their partnership.

The four images are all prominent, especially with the vibe Kim Woo Bin channeled. The black-and-white setup adds to the in-depth aura the actor is trying to convey. Despite its dark design, the prints offer an aesthetic concept, proving the actor/model's versatility in all stage types.

Furthermore, Kim Woo Bin wore four outfits, but his black suit stood out among the rest. He paired it with black pants while he poses for the camera in a chair.

The hairstyle of the actor also makes the images more fascinating. His permed black hair best suits his facial features, allowing him to exude various emotions with different dos.

Kim Woo Bin shares his goals

Right after the photoshoot, Kim Woo Bin talked with the fashion outlet, where he blurted out his life goals. The actor reflected on his past and current plans, where he said, and as quoted by Soompi, "Until I was in middle school, I had always wanted to become a strong adult in every way."

However, now that he is grown up, his sole goal is to become a good person. With that, he always reminds himself of the "loving himself" belief, and he does not want to stop doing so.

Meanwhile, check out Kim Woo Bin's full interview on Elle Korea's December issue. And while waiting for the release, watch Humanimal here, featuring Kim Woo Bin's narration.