The ceremonies slated to occur this year of APAN AWARDS are halted as the government of South Korea continues to release stricter rules that mandate firmer social distancing precautions due to the coronavirus.

2020 APAN STAR AWARDS and 2020 APAN MUSIC AWARDS are postponed

According to Hellokpop, both APAN AWARDS ceremonies are canceled and will be moved to later dates. It includes the 2020 APAN STAR AWARDS and the 2020 APAN MUSIC AWARDS, as announced by the award-giving body's organizing committee today (November 19).

The delay can be blamed on the country's widespread COVID-19 positives, especially in the metro area. The South Korean government mandated a 1.5 social distancing rule in the metropolitan areas of the country.

The postponement means that the first ceremony for music by APAN AWARDS is unsuccessful. However, fans are not dismayed as the organizing committee of the event will indeed move the dates.

As quoted by the news site, the committee said, "Social distancing with respect to the metropolitan area was upgraded to 1.5 steps. It was decided to postpone the schedule according to that standard." The mandate also publishes the rule of not allowing massive gatherings of more than 100 people, including concerts and awards ceremonies.

New dates are not set for APAN AWARDS

Kang Min, the chairman of the organizing committee, expressed his dismay at APAN AWARDS' sudden decision. He also expressed his sincere sympathies to the people who continue to fight in getting a means amid the discomfort and fear brought by the virus.

Kang Min further explained that it is the organization's top priority to secure and protect the artists, staff, and attendees' well-being.

Moreover, APAN AWARD will continue to set plans for the new dates as they move forward with monitoring the COVID-19 trend in the country, Naver News reported. "We will do our best to ensure safety so that it can be a more successful awards ceremony," he added.