Actor Lee Seung Gi graced an interview where he talked about the judges he works with on Sing Again and his advice to the current and aspiring contestants.

Lee Seung Gi's sentiments

The interview took place on November 12 (Thursday), where South Korean prominent actor and singer Lee Seung Gi talked all about jTBC's new variety show called Sing Again, per Soompi.

The Vagabond star acts as the host of the new jTBC program, paving the way for forgotten singers in the industry. The show will give them the sole stage to showcase what they've got and got the chance to shine their stars again.

The interviewee asked Lee Seung Gi if who among the judges, he sees almost the same judging criteria as his. Here are his sentiments: "I learned music from Lee Sun Hee, so I think she and I would be most similar in our musical standards. Of the junior panel, Kyuhyun and I have similar tastes in the kind of music we pursue, so I think we'd have similar standards."

The judges' panel includes lee Sun Hee, Yoo Hee Yeol, Kim Ea Na, and Jeon In Kwon as the senior panels. The junior panels are composed of Sunmi, Super Junior's Kyuhyun, Lee Hae Ri, and WINNER's Song Mino.

Lee Seung Gi's bits of advice to contestants

In another Soompi report, Lee Seung Gi explained that the contestants compete through numbers, rather than with their names. Having that said, The Korean Odyssey actor encouraged the contestants by telling his unique career story.

He said that he experienced many self struggles right after debuting via the track called Because You're My Woman. He added that he fell into a slump because of the intense pressure to live up to his name.

The actor then expressed that going through hardships and chaos is pivotal in achieving one's dreams and goals. He concluded by saying that the contestant must expect to go through a hard time in the show but never forget the moment and memories they create.

Meanwhile, Sing Again will air on November 16 at precisely 10:30 P.M. KST.