JYP Entertainment’s finest, GOT7, binds the spell between them and beloved fans as the group dropped the official tracklist of its newest album. The album goes by the title Breath of Love: Last Piece, revealing the band members' cooperation and participation in curating the much-anticipated album of theirs.

Tracklist revealed

As per Hellokpop, who have been on the watch for GOT7’s comeback, Breath of Love: Last Piece hails not just one but two title tracks. The rare happening makes GOT7’s album more enthralling, as fans have been long waiting to hear new pieces of the best music from their idols.

The two title tracks are LAST PIECE and Breath. Moreover, JB participated in the composition and writing process for LAST PIECE, while Youngjae helped Ars compose and write the mesmerizing lyrics for Breath.

For the song WAVE, Jinyoung made sure to come up with the best lyricism. On the other hand, Mark took his sole participation in creating Born Ready. Jackson arranged the song titled SPECIAL, which he also wrote and composed.

For Waiting For You, BamBam participated in penning the lyrics for the song. And last but surely not least is I’ll Do It Now, where Yugyeom is the one who wrote and composed the lyrics. I’ll Do It Now is the English literal translation of its Korean title, 이젠 내가 할게.

Furthermore, aside from the tracks mentioned above, GOT7’s Breath of Love: Last Piece adds three more songs called I Mean It, We Are Young, and 1 + 1. So overall, as per Somagnews, GOT7’s new album bottles up ten tracks.

Details for Breath of Love: Last Piece

The forthcoming album of the K-pop all-boy group is set to arrive on November 30, precisely 6 P.M. KST. But on November 23, GOT7 will be pre-releasing Breath, raising the anticipation of fans for the full reveal of the album.

Breathe of Love: Last Piece goes as the first full-length album of the band since 2018. And in the coming days, GOT7 will still be releasing teasers that will surely make its fans mark their calendars for November 23 and November 30.