The multinational K-pop all-boy group GOT7 signals its much-anticipated comeback in the K-pop spotlight. The band unveiled teaser images for its newest album that bottles up the tranquility.

GOT7's dreamlike concept for Breath of Love: Last Piece

Previously, GOT7 announced its comeback show's confirmation alongside a new album entitled Breath of Love: Last Piece. As the album's release date is coming near, the K-pop septet made sure to mark its comeback show on its fans' calendars as the group revealed teasers for it.

There were two prints released by GOT7, with the first one reminiscent of a witchcraft movie but styled modernly. As per Hellokpop, the autumn looks of all seven dashing lads exude their prominent visuals and auras.

Moreover, the image highlights GOT7's impactful effect on its beloved fans as they donned various expressions on their faces. The lads' dull yet elegant demeanor makes them stand out in the image as the phot is also styled with moving people around them while they all stand uprightly to their positions.

The next teaser image is more eccentric and enticing. The dreamlike fashion and setup of the print are somehow like the members of GOT7 are gods from some heaven, resting on each other's presence. Furthermore, the edgy concept makes the image one-of-a-kind despite the misty setting.

Here are the things fans should know about GOT7's newest album

Breath of Love: Last Piece hails as GOT7's first full-length album since Present: YOU in September of 2018.

On top of the band's teaser images, they will continue to enthrall fans with more entries. The band will also allow the fans to peek at the album's vibe and a pre-release single.

The pre-release single goes by the title of Breath, which will be made available for streaming on November 23 at precisely 6 P.M. KST. On the other hand, per Allkpop, the album itself will be arriving on November 30, 6 P.M. KST.