Hail to the second reign of King Jimin!

BTS Jimin on his second throne

As one of the largest K-pop voting websites, King Choice, its duty is to tag K-pop artists and their music the rightful name they have been working. And on October 31 (Saturday), as per Allkpop, King Choice officially ended the voting poll for the King Of K-Pop 2020.

Having that said, ARMYs from across the globe were delighted when the website announced BTS Jimin as the victorious winner of the crown. Jimin proves he is unbeatable for two consecutive years now; He was the King of K-Pop in 2019.

The Serendipity singer's impressive milestone comes after he finishes at the top spot in the Top Male K-Pop Idol Dancer Rankings of 2020 on the same voting website. The significant happening took place in May of this year, with Jimin earning 6,281,147 votes.

BTS's lead vocalist is also the only K-pop idol who sits on the first throne for 15 months in the overall top idol brand reputation ranking and for 22 consecutive months in the boy group member individual brand reputation ranking.

Not just that, BTS Jimin also is the big winner in the overall ranking of October 2020 for 24 months now. Additionally, according to Gallup's figures, he is awarded as the most preferred idol for two years in a row. The survey website is one of the largest and most-legit research firms in South Korea.

Jimin leads social media trends

Another tag Jimin holds is the Social Meda King. He is currently the top notcher of various social media platforms based on the mentions, likes, followers, and more.

On Instagram, Jimin dethrones former US President Barack Obama, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber as the most mentioned account. The hashtag of the K-pop idol is also the second most-viewed on TikTok that comes with a video with over 25 billion views. On Twitter, Jimin holds the title as he has the fastest tweet to surpass one and two million likes.