The South Korean songstress Son Dam Bi, 37, pairs up with Dazed's Korean outlet. Son Sam Bi charms the whole photoshoot with her mesmerizing and ageless beauty, where she also shares about what it is like to age gracefully.

Makeup-themed pictorial with Dazed Korea

The K-pop singer now turned actress showcased her unfading beauty as she models and promotes a lipstick product brand. With the natural theme of the images released by Dazed, Son Dam Bi is among South Korea's list of artists and personalities that hails the banner of "age is just a number."

Dazed's first photo had Son Dam Bi put on a natural aura on her face, making the picture elegant and straightforward. Moreover, the songstress's sleek reddish hair gives prominence to her intense visual while wearing lite makeup.

The next photo sees Son Dam Bi in a well-styled hairstyle while she poses like she is about to apply red lipstick. This time, the songstress wore a black suit, different from the turtle neck top of the same color she wore in the first photo.

The third photo showcases the fierce yet sweet Son Dam Bi. The songstress wore a black turtle-necked dress while her hair went to another level of styling.

Son Dam Bi's best photo

After slaying multiple looks, the songstress was given a chance by the production team to choose her best photo. She said that she doesn't want to pick any, but since asked to do so, she chooses the first look because it's the photo that she only wore, not that much makeup.

When the fashion outlet asked Son Dam Bi about her sentiments towards aging, she said, "That's why I often think about what it means to 'age gracefully.' It recently occurred to me, but maybe it means that you should become someone that other people can learn from."