The four members of the South Korean all-boy group SEVENTEEN, stylized as SVT, graced their charms and physical auras for a feature on W Korea magazine.

Monochromatic photos of the unit

SVT's hip-hop unit was chosen to be featured on W Korea magazine as the quartet gave off its sophisticated poses to the fashion magazine. Mingyu, S.Coups, Wonwoo, and Vernon arrived on a minimalist studio setup where they can exude any posture straight to the camera.

The K-pop quartet partners with W Korea for multiple shot entries, with a group photo to capture fans and readers' attention. Adding a fascinating feeling towards the images is the picture's black-and-white design, capturing the mysterious vibe the quartet offered.

Moreover, the Korean fashion magazine had the dashing lads pose for their solo shots while wearing street style outfits that best match the photos' tone. However, the street style apparel was taken to a higher level, making it a luxurious concept.

Some of the members showed their extreme physique while some took an intense pose that speaks enough of the adjective best. From vast coats to zebra-printed outer layer and dazzling cardigan, each lad impressed the viewers and fans, especially the W Korea.

Interview with W Korea magazine

The interview held by the outlet mostly tackled SVT's latest album entry entitled ;[Semicolon] and the success of its last album entitled Heng:garæ.

"Rather than the number of album sales, it's foremost for us to deliver our message to more people," member Wonwoo said when talking about the 1.06 million pre-orders of the Heng:garæ that earned the group the "million-seller" title.

The group shared that ;[Semicolon] is purposely made for SVT to reach their fans more through their music. The group also considers the said album as a "break," but it doesn't mean that it is just made in mediocre concept and themes but with their best craft thinking.