Red Velvet's finest, Seulgi, 26, participated in a fashion photoshoot with Esquire's Korean outlet. The K-pop idol undyingly demonstrated a wide array of characters on the classic and throwback-inspired pictorial with the fashion magazine.

Photoshoot with Esquire Korea

The lead dancer of the all-girl group Red Velvet graces Esquire's photoshoot while donning mesmerizing and modish retro outfits. On the images released by the fashion magazine, it also shows that the outfits have a few touches of Boho.

Moreover, Seulgi wore autumn and bohemian outfits, Hellokpop reported. Having that said, the K-pop idol undoubtedly possesses the unique charm in making everyone turn their heads on her, especially with his enticing and natural beauty.

The images are styled in a semi-chromatic and neutral-filtered setup, making it reminiscent of an old photo album. The outfits were worn by the idol best match the style of the image and the studio setup.

Adding fascination to the images is Seulgi's sleek black hair. Whether it be tied or not, the gorgeous fall of her hair made each photo more addictive. Additionally, the natural and lazy poses of Seulgi showed her confidence in a straightforward manner.

Seulgi gets more personal with Esquire Korea

Shortly after the interview, Seulgi sits with the fashion outlet for an exclusive interview.

The K-pop idol boldly shared her current hobbies and as well as her long-term goals, including learning more about dancing.

When talking about hobbies, Seulgi revealed that she loved to be with her friends and take many pictures of the people she cherishes. "Recently, my cousin took [my photos] often. I'm very interested in photography, so I tend to take others too," she said.

On the other hand, Seulgi also opens up about his great admiration for dancing. She revealed that she wants to venture out on the world of dancing more, as she wants to learn about expressing more of herself while doing the craft.

Meanwhile, Seulgi's full interview and photoshoot will be available via Esquire Korea's upcoming November issue.