The chart-topping South Korean all-girl group is back!

MOMOLAND, formed and managed by MLD Entertainment, is revealed to put on a splendid show for its comeback in the K-pop music scene. Having that said, the remaining members of the girl group gears in releasing its newest single next month, November, and an additional artist who made the upcoming music possible.

PSY teams up with MOMOLAND

MOMOLAND's home management and recording label, MLD Entertainment, released a statement On October 19 (Monday), saying, "Singer and producer PSY will participate as a lyricist on MOMOLAND's new song that will be released in November."

The new single of the K-pop group, whose title is still on the wraps, will be made available in heels for MOMOLAND's fourth debut anniversary, which occurred on November 11, 2016.

Furthermore, a credible source from the entertainment agency shared that with PSY's songwriting skills on MOMOLAND's new single, it made the track more distinctive and settled. Fans and MLD Entertainment predict that the new single of MOMOLAND will storm over the global music stage, like the group's former songs titled BAAM and BBoom BBoom.

Here's what global phenomenon artist PSY has to say

In a 42-year-old Park Jae-sang statement, famously known as PSY, he said that MOMOLAND is the best group in his mind when talking about expressing music most excitingly.

The K-pop idol further added that their age gap made their collaboration unique as they can throw ideas and concepts that come from a different point of view. He concluded his statement by revealing that he instantly liked it after listening to the song's demo version. The matter made him say yes to MLD's offering in helping to write the words of the song.

Meanwhile, MOMOLAND is set to return to the K-pop stage by the middle of November, following its latest album in June entitled Starry Night.