DKB, a South Korean rookie all-boy group, gears for releasing its newest album that marks its second comeback to the K-pop music scene. The upcoming album of DKB entitled GROWTH, hails as its third album entry in the form of an extended play.

DKB showing its different characters for GROWTH

To excite the fans for its comeback, DKB has been dropping easter eggs that indeed made the fans go crazy.

As per Hellokpop, the K-pop nonet shared group photos for GROWTH starting from October 14 to October 17. The group shots also included unit concept photos, making the fans gush over the theme raised by their idols.

Specifically, the first group concept photo shared by the all-boy group is uniquely styled in black-and-white. The picture shows the maturity and sophistication of DKB while giving the camera intense yet straightforward poses.

The concept photos that followed the group shot are images from DKB’s respective units and their individual images. The unit prints commence with GK, TEO, and Lune, showcasing their dashing corporate auras and characters.

The next unit to grace the concept photos is the group of E-CHAN, Yuku, and D1. The vivid hip-hop poses of the three idols had them outshine the props used in the images. The image hails a repair shop as its backdrop.

To conclude, Harry-June, Heechan, and Junseo released its version of concept photos that depict a fascinating machine chamber as setup.

More teasers from DKB

As DKB’s third extended play is nearing to happen, the nonet still has few more teasers in store for its fans.

DKB is slated to unveil the tracklist of GROWTH, a Highlight Medley, and three prominent music video teasers in the next coming days. Additionally, DKB will be releasing a special comeback video that showcases its rehearsals and dance moves for the music video.

Meanwhile, DKB will release GROWTH on October 26 at precisely 6 P.M. KST, alongside the lead single's music video.