Moon, the latest solo track of BTS Jin, hails from BTS’ Map of the Soul: 7 album. In a recent achievement, Moon is now the longest-charting track by a solo artist on the MelOn chart.

In Particular, Moon has not severed the renowned music chart since its release, making this week its 30th-week reign on the MelOn Top 100 Chart.

In the figures released by MelOn, the track has solely climbed to the top with the help of the ARMYs from across the globe. As per Hellokpop, MelOn is among the vast and most excellent South Korea music streaming platforms, owned by the famous Naver. Having that said, being on the chart for a long time is a remarkable achievement, marking a celebration.

Furthermore, Moon has exceeded 147,000 likes on MelOn.

To celebrate BTS Jin’s fantastic feat, ARMYs trended the hashtags #ChartsKingSeokjin and #EverlastingMoon on Twitter in the hope of getting the attention of the K-pop idol.

Aside from dominating the MelOn music chart, Moon also is successful in smashing numerous records. It includes owning the most number of #1’s on iTunes Worldwide.

Meanwhile, MOON has been on the music chart for 33 weeks since the launch of BTS’ Map of the Soul: 7 album on the Gaon Chart. To date, the said track bottles up over 19.5 million views, and currently sits on the 97th spot for September.

More of BTS Jin’s Moon

Moon is a mixture of a modern and classic genre, tagging along in an upbeat guitar instrumental. The track sings of Jin’s love and admiration to the ARMYs, for always supporting BTS in all of its ventures.

Moreover, the song’s theme and message are to love oneself solely. On top of that, Jin has captured his fans' attention and liking with the mesmerizing tune of the track.

Celebrate with BTS Jin by streaming Moon below!