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B1A4 is set to arrive in the K-pop music scene with its 4th Full-Length Album 'Origine.'

The South Korean all-boy group, formed and managed by WM Entertainment, is set to put on its dazzling comeback through releasing its 4th full-length album. B1A4 has been in hiatus for almost three years, and the time has come for the group to gift its fans new pieces of music.

B1A4, who returns to the K-pop music scene as a trio, will be revealing its upcoming full-length album entitled Origine, with the title track called Like A Movie.

As per Hellokpop, B1A4's forthcoming album release comprises tracks composed and written by the trio.

B1A4 releases a horror video trailer

To commence the countdown of Origine's release, the all-boy group dropped a thriller-horror video teaser on October 5.

With the teaser, fans' attention has been caught, making them wonder what B1A4 has in store.

B1A4 stars in modish concept photos

On October 7, B1A4 graced the concept photos for Origine, giving off intense glares straight to the camera.

BaNas, the fans of B1A4, couldn't help but gush over their idols' intense and dashing demeanors while sharing a mesmerizing vibe.

Origine's tracklist is revealed

As fans' anticipation continues to rise, on October 8, B1A4 revealed the official setlist of Origine.

The said album bottles up twelve self-written songs, including a title track, called Like A Movie. Other titles are what is LOVE?DIVINGIntro-Origine.

Gongchan stars as a fictional character

On October 9, all three members of the all-new B1A4 shares solo teasers for its upcoming album.

Hailing Hero as the photos' title, member Gongchan nailed the images that best resembles shots from a movie. Two photographs were releases; one had Gongchan exude various emotions through his facial expression. At the same time, the second photo sees Gongchan standing adjacent to a girl.

For the time being, B1A4 will be making Origine available this coming October 19 at precisely 6 P.M. KST.