MONSTA X's Joohoney has unveiled his long-awaited mixtape entitled PSYCHE.

According to Hellokpop, the fascinating mixtape bottles up seven records, as Joohoney leaves his fans speechless with his message-full mixtape. The rapper-singer showcased his evolving side as a MONSTA X card-carrying member to an indisputable solo artist that can stand on his own.

Furthermore, PSYCHE is a collection of songs that are purposely made to touch its listeners' lives, especially Joohoney's biases.

On top of the addictive beat and tempo of the mixtape's tracks, the words to each song add spice and meaning to its mesmerizing rhythm. Alongside the mixtape's touching theme, it also tags along dance-worthy beats with its high octane notes.

Conclusively, PSYCHE is a phenomenal event that indeed struck the hearts of Joohoney and MONSTA X's fans.

PSYCHE by MONSTA X's Joohoney

As mentioned above, the mixtape comprises seven records. It starts with INTRO: AMBITI0N then followed by titles DIA, PSYCHE, KING, and SMOKY. The songs mentioned are produced by Joohoney himself, with WIZRD and 9F on his side.

Furthermore, the mixtape gives prominence to Joohoney's collaboration with former SPICA member Boa Kim, KEEMBO, and former 4TEN member TEM to the sons, WINGSUIT and DARK & CLOUDY.

Stream MONSTA X Joohoney's PSYCHE mixtape below and tell us your feels in the comments section.

SMOKY music video

Aside from bringing his fans to a whole new different feeling with its mixtape, Joohoney added another adventure map to the list through SMOKY's music video.

The K-pop idol exudes his confidence in the music video by delivering a daring and dauntless style.

"Can you hear me / Somebody come help me now / I am lost and I wanna be found / It is smoky, smoky in front of me," Joohoney calls out in the music video.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X gears for its comeback.