The South Korean all-boy group Golden Child has finally arrived, marking its comeback through its second single album entitled Pump It Up.

In a Hellokpop reportPump It Up comprises three tracks, which tag along with refreshing themes and concepts. Undoubtedly, with the album's release, fans couldn't help but gush over the enlivening songs.

Pump It Up by Golden Child

As mentioned above, Pump It Up lists three songs, including a piece of the same name. The track Pump It Up is a pop-dance song that depicts the overwhelming feeling that one tends to feel upon seeing the person they admire. Moreover, the track comes in an uplifting aura that delivers an extravagant excitement to its listeners.

On top of Pump It Up's catchy rhythm, the song's beat will make sure every listener will groove to its catchy and addictive tempo.

The second song is That Guy. It is a song that shares an inspiring tune and sings of melancholy emotions and feelings of missing someone. Adding sophistication to the tracks is the way Golden Child sang and portrayed the song.

Indeed, the K-pop group's rapping and singing talent have mesmerized the track, making it very impressive and notable.

The third and last track is Lean On Me. It is a classic-retro track that possesses a feeling of wanting to dance with the song's rock beat. Furthermore, the music expresses one's longing to be with someone. On the other hand, the song's lyricism is styled to make its listeners feel the message genuinely.

Pump It Up music video

Alongside releasing its second single album, Golden Child simultaneously dropped the music video of Pump It Up. Golden Child made sure to put a wide smile on its fans' faces by delivering a fun-filled music video.

Check out the music video of Pump It Up below!