Variety star the world’s most phenomenal K-pop boy band BTS in a cover shoot for its latest issue. Aside from the fantastic cover pictorial, Variety has released a behind-the-scenes clip of the whole photoshoot session that allows the ARMYs from across the globe to take a vast peek of the happening.

As per Hollywood Life, Variety produced eight distinct covers, where members Jimin, 24, V, 24, Jungkook, 23, J-hope, 26, Jin, 27, Suga, 27, and RM, 27, showcases their exceeding charms and auras. Each BTS member showed their fancy and appealing looks in both solo and group shots. However, what made the group shot different is their fun-filled camaraderie that is loved by ARMYs.

Between the take of the group shots, BTS laughs and jokes around, proving the tight bond of their friendship.

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#BTS is what the world needs. Big Hit, and the K-pop music bus­iness in general, have proved just how much a band, and a company, can prosper through a direct-to-consumer relationship, driven by digital platforms and dedicated apps with lots of behind-the-scenes content that keeps fans emotionally involved. It’s engagement on a scale that no Western artist has ever achieved, despite decades of radio promotion and the best retail strategy.⁠ ⁠ “It is because #ARMY exists that we exist,” Jin says. ⁠ ⁠ At the link in bio, read Variety's cover story on the most popular band in the world and the fanbase that helped them get there. #BTSxVariety⁠ ⁠ : Hong Jang Hyun @hongjanghyun⁠ : Lee Ha Jeong, Kim Hye Soo, Ji, Hong Sil⁠ : Han Som, Choi Mu Jin, Kim Hwa Yeon, Da Suel ⁠ : Kim Da Reum, Seo Yuri ⁠ Producer: Lee Kyung Kim at BL Creative House⁠ Coordinator: Park Hee Young, Seo Kang On

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The K-pop quartet graced the pictorial donning intense and stylish black suits that highlight each member’s dashing looks and demeanors.

BTS’ in giving back

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Dynamite has sold nearly 700,000 adjusted song units since its release — good for a gold record certification by the RIAA. The song is quickly becoming the band’s biggest radio hit to date (without a featured artist, it’s worth noting), and represents a significant breakout beyond its core audience. This year, #BTS is eligible for record of the year, among other categories, at the #Grammys. Nomination ballots for the 2021 awards, slated to air Jan. 31, went out on Sept. 28. #BTSxVariety ⁠ ⁠ Styling: Lee Ha Jeong, Kim Hye Soo, Ji, Hong Sil⁠ Hair: Han Som, Choi Mu Jin, Kim Hwa Yeon, Da Suel ⁠ Make-up: Kim Da Reum, Seo Yuri⁠ Production: Lee Kyung Kim/BL Creative House⁠ Coordinators: Park Hee Young, Seo Kang On⁠ Clothing: Alexander McQueen Shoes: Ami

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On top of that, Moon singer, Jin, blurted out to Variety, “It is because ARMY exists that we exist.” The idol further stated that their sole goals are to genuinely show and exposes themselves to the ARMYs as much as they can, considering online platforms offers a wide array of channels that makes the job done.

On the other hand, Variety revealed that BTS gave a $1 million donation to the Black Lives Matter movement in June. The ARMYs worldwide started their campaign to help the said organization.

In a statement by RM, the leader highlighted that BTS is not a political figure, but as what others say, everything in the world is political.

BTS recently took the throne back on Billboard Hot 100 with their first English single, Dynamite. The fantastic feat hailed BTS as the first South Korean act to top the said charts. Furthermore, Dynamite’s music video smashed a whopping 101.1 million views within a day of its release.