In a recent all-out interview of the world's most phenomenal K-pop band, BTS, to iHeartRadio Festival, the all-boy group made know the member who exudes intense fashion taste during their trainee season.

The iHeartRadio Festival interview with BTS was released on September 27 (Sunday), where the bandleader, RM, shared that all of them created and prepared a game called Know Your Bandmate. As per Kpopstarz, each member aims to pin out the person who best fits to be the question's answer.

Which member was the best dressed during your trainee days?

The vast question was first asked, and RM, J-hop, Suga, Jin, and Jungkook blurted the Serendipity singer Jimin's name. To his senses, Jimin was stunned, saying, "Aren't we supposed to pick the best?"

On the other hand, member V and Sweet Night singer picked Suga as the best-dressed trainee. Suga, aka Agust D, backed V's highlight by saying that he used to dress fancy. The matter led Jin to take a trip down memory lane where he revealed Suga is fond of wearing his teddy bear hat back then, while V shared that the rapper previously owns a fedora that he often wears.

Despite his history of wearing eccentric clothes in the past, Suga stated that now he is more mature and older, he chooses to be more laid back. He said the same fact during BTS' interview with GQ, where they revealed who their style heroes are. Furthermore, Suga said that he now prefers donning comfortable clothing than the flashy ones.

Other questions asked to BTS.

Various questions were asked to the Dynamite singers, including items like the most talkative in the band. Suga said Jungkook's name, while V answered Suga. On the other hand, Jimin called the terms of Jin and Suga, saying they are the most talkative than the others.

For the full interview session, watch the video below!