On September 10 (Thursday), GQ uploaded a video on their official Youtube channel, showcasing the world's most phenomenal K-pop band, BTS. The 5:35 long video had the 'Dynamite' singers and rappers share on who are their style heroes.

The eldest of the band, Jin, first answered the question by proudly saying, "I am my own hero." He said that whenever he styles himself, he doesn't want to feel pressured or stressed because he always chooses the comfortable ones.

Rapper J-hope chose the animated character Snoopy as his style hero. The 'Chicken Noodle Soup' rapper said he chose Snoopy because the character allows him to express his funny side, and as well he loved Snoopy so much. He revealed that he as several Snoopy outfits and pajamas.

Suga shares that Batman from 'The Dark Knight' series is his style hero. He explained that he chose Batman because he not fully human and who has fewer weaknesses.

BTS' lead vocalist, Jimin, had the most emotional answer among the lads. He said that his style heroes are the ARMYs! He chose their beloved fans because he sees them as the reason for his life. "It's like a mirror that can reflect me in light or in-depth way," he exclaimed.

The band's "maknae," Jungkook, revealed that his style hero is RM. He explained that RM is the closest to him and that he leads him in all ways possible. Furthermore, Jungkook revealed that RM has an enticing mindset, adding to his intense rapping skills.

The bandleader, RM, shares two style heroes, which are Yun Hyung Keun and Whanki Kim. He further explained that despite the two artists' distinct quality features, where he described it as the sky and earth, the balance of each made him see them as his style inspiration.

Lastly, member V chooses his father as his style hero. He shared that when he was still young, his father owns a clothing business, making him dress following the trend.