35-year-old South Korean actor, model, and TV personality Lee Kwang Soo graces Esquire Korea for a pictorial and an all-out interview about his career.

Interview with Esquire

Lee Kwang Soo is undoubtedly one of the most promising actors of his generation, leading form him to bag the Best Supporting Actor prize at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards in June for his extreme performance in the movie titled Inseparable Bros.

Esquire Korea has asked the actor on his sentiments about the fact that the judges’ decision for the award is unanimous; Lee Kwang Soo said, “I saw that. I’m so grateful.”

The actor added that the feeling didn’t felt real until the awards show concluded. He further shared that the film is already of significant meaning to him as an actor without the prize. Still, when the big thing happened, alongside receiving congratulatory messages from senior actors, he instantly felt proud.

On top of the revelation, Lee Kwang Soo said that when the event ended, he felt the urge to want all, if not, more people to watch the film. However, he is very much grateful to everyone who already watched the movie.

The outlet noted that Inseparable Bros is a film that requires an immense talent for its actors because the roles are interesting. But as the finest actor himself, Lee Kwang Soo nailed his role as Dong Gu, a disabled man inspired by true stories.

Furthermore, the actor had lots of talking with his co-lead actors Esom and Shin Ha Kyun, sharing they are comfortable to work with.

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Photoshoot with Esquire

Esquire fashion magazine starred Lee Kwang Soo in one of their photoshoots, and indeed, he is not just an actor, but an artist that exudes massive versatility.

Lee Kwang Soo wore classic-retro suits that match the fading red backdrop. The photos shared by the fashion magazine shows the actor-model posing in eccentric yet simple poses as he shares various attitudes straight to the camera.

The latest feature of Lee Kwang Soo in Esquire is not his first, as he already fulfilled a handful of covers and features for the said magazine in the past.