MONSTA X’s most sought, Shownu, 28, recently collaborated in a photoshoot and exclusive all-out interview for Dazed Korea’s upcoming October issue.

In a report by Soompi, Shownu is the last card-carrying member of MONSTA X to grace the team-up between the fashion magazine and the group that started in May of this year.

“The other members looked really cool in their Dazed pictorials. Each of them had their own vibe,” the HAVE A GOODNIGHT singer said.

Interview with Dazed

During the past interviews of the fashion outlet to other MONSTA X members, some had chosen Shownu as their sole role model. Being the bandleader, Shownu said that he doesn’t feel responsible for everything but himself only. He shares that the other lads from the band contribute their unique thoughts and ideas when it comes to decision making as a band.

Shownu further shared that all of them always discuss the things that needed to be addressed on the spot to come up with a significant choice or resolution. He also said that he is an easygoing type of person who seemingly doesn’t want to stress himself quickly.

When asked about his relationship with each member of the band, Shownu shared that no matter how many friends he will acquire, the boys from the band will always be the group of people where he can be candid. MONSTA X is the company and friends where he got to experience the best moments of his life, and without them, he wouldn’t be where he is now.

Photoshoot with Dazed

For the time being, Shownu’s images from his Dazed pictorial is still on the works. However, the magazine has released some of the photos and video clip that promotes Shownu’s prominence in the issue.

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In recent news, Shownu underwent eye surgery and has now fully recovered.