DAY6 just turned five!

On September 7 (Monday), the South Korean all-boy band celebrated the fifth year of their debut, alongside their beloved and ever-supportive fans, who call themselves My Day.

The K-pop quintet, consisting of Jae, Sungjin, Wonpil, Young K, and Dowoon, put on a glorious show on September 7, 2015, for their solo debut. The band made known their initial extended play entry entitled ‘The Day,’ with the title track called ‘Congratulations.’ Since then, the band has dominated various music and album charts from across the globe and has captivated millions of fans through their music.

As per Soompi, DAY6 is listed among the famous South Korean bands, crossing swords with fellow boy bands worldwide.

DAY6’s official Twitter account shared a tweet to celebrate the band’s milestone, leading for member Jae to retweet it.

The caption reads: “HAPPY DAY6 5TH ANNIVERSARY,” alongside a cake emoji on the side.

The tweet comes with a mesmerizing group photo of the band where they wore white and blue long sleeves, respectively. Each member took a fierce pose, adding up to its genuinely white backdrop. The photo includes the band’s official logo and congratulatory writing on top.

Member Young K delivered his stunning cover of Jason Mraz’s hit song called ‘I’m Yours,’ where he also posted an Instagram post that writes, “Happy Birthday Day6.”


On the day of their band’s anniversary, DAY6 hosted a live stream on Naver’s V LIVE, as they celebrate their new milestone with their fans. All five members interacted and offered small cakes to My Day, as it is one enthralling moment for them, considering Sunjin and Jae are fresh from hiatus due to health concerns.

Member Sunjin got very emotional during the live broadcast. He assured his fans that he is getting better physically and mentally, and he promised all of the worries and supports by the fans will not go to waste.