The South Korean multi-national boy group by Cube Entertainment, PENTAGON, facilitated a special event for their fans with their global UNIVERSE. The K-pop all-boy group held its first online fan meeting event called ‘PENTAG-ON AIR’ on September 6 (Monday).

The fan event went on and concluded carrying the theme of its name. In particular, the band lived up to the event’s title PENTAGON and ON AIR.

As per Hellokpop, the K-pop nonet showed off their professionalism and intense stage presence, alongside their natural and fun-filled personas behind the stage.


PENTAGON started their online fan meeting with the track called ‘Basquiat,’ the finale song of ‘Mnet Road to Kingdom,’ and the song ‘Dr. BeBe,’ which is the title song of their freshman album.

All nine dashing lads interacted and greeted their beloved fans from across the globe, who call themselves UNIVERSE.

“It’s the first online fan meeting that we’ve been looking forward to,” PENTAGON said. Also, the band added they have been practicing very-well for the event, and they missed their fans so much.

The nonet went on with their opening performance with the track titled ‘Runaway,’ then followed by the Korean version of ‘Happiness.’ The band’s whopping performance concluded with the song called ‘Summer,’ as they flaunt off their aspect of Cheongryang Tagon, which is a compound of PENTAGON and Refreshing.


The cheeky and uplifting attitudes of the band members lead to fun-filled event games and activities.

The Mini Sports Day section, where YEOONE acts as the master of ceremonies, the team was split into halves: Big -Tagon team and Small-Tagon team. The band solely share so much laughter and fun with their playful sides.

Furthermore, the second corner is called ‘PENTAGON: meme studio,’ where the nonet exhibited their handmade memes delivered by their fans.