The South Korean newly emerged solo artists shares a mesmerizing sneak peek into the world of his forthcoming album entitled 'Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right For Me.'

The idol delighted his beloved WENEEs with his sweet vocals and stunned with his dashing visuals in the album's preview. The said preview lasted for over three minutes that will undoubtedly raise his fans' expectations.

Wonho already gave a taste of his music by capturing his listeners through pre-releasing the chart-topping song called 'Losing You' and flaunting off his high-powered versatility in the trippy 'Open Mind' teaser.

The short yet fascinating video teaser has again proved that Wonho can dominate the K-pop music scene as a solo artist by releasing records. The singer also made known the pieces of tracks that compose his upcoming album, with genres ranging from EDM to ballad.

"You don't have to love me / 'cause we want the same thing / Don't imagine, it'll be completely different / Tonight, keep an open mind girl," part of the lyrics of 'Open Mind' sings. The K-pop idol showed off an excerpt from the much-awaited record that tags along in a groovy EMD tune. Moreover, an English version of the song will also be in the album.

Next to 'Open Mind,' Wonho gave prominence to the other tracks' warm melodies before he divulged into showing off the R&B beat of 'Lost in Paradise' and the bass-filled notes of 'Interlude: Runway.'

Moreover, the renowned singer-songwriter Jooyoung has helped Wonho in curating the pop song called 'WITH YOU,' where the idols sounded like an angel on the preview.

With the former MONSTA X member's teaser releases, his WENEEs couldn't help but hold their eagerness for the album's reveal. Indeed, Wonho's album will storm over its listeners' playlist!

For the time being, 'Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right For Me' will be made available this coming September (Friday) on various streaming platforms.