Woollim Entertainment's most prominent all-girl group LOVELYZ is consistent in poking their fans' anticipation for their upcoming comeback as a whole group. The K-pop group recently released teasers of any kind as they count the days for their newest extended play entitled 'Unforgettable.'

The South Korean band's latest teasers highlight the contents of the said album. For specifics, LOVELYZ unleashed the much-awaited Highlight Medley of the album, allowing their beloved fans to take a vast peek into the songs. Also, the Highlight Medley included a music video teaser for the extended play's lead single titled 'Obliviate.'

As per Hellokpop, all eight K-pop ensemble members shared a wide array of record collections to bottle up the album. Moreover, the video clip captures the fans' attention as the band delivers their stunning and mesmerizing photos.

The group's upcoming lead single will tag along with each member's lovely vocals, depicting a powerful sound and in-depth measurement of emotion that will indeed instantly storm over its listeners' ears. Furthermore, the track is the product of LOVELYZ's team and a new production team by Razer.

The said track was completed in due time with the help of member Sujeong's songwriting skills as she participated in penning the lyrics.

Meanwhile, the South Korean band released the initial music video teaser of the newest record, capturing the content's mystery. The video teaser set us in a dark theme form the star and went with an enchanting vibe. As the idols dropped the video teaser, curiosity rises from the fans regarding what the upcoming album holds.

Before the Highlight Medley and music video teaser, LOVELYZ kicked off the visual teasers in releasing three versions of the concept images. The band also shared a lyric spoiler for 'Obliviate,' along with the tracklist.

Meanwhile, LOVELYZ will make available their newest album and its title track's music video on the first day of September.