Baekhyun recently reached a record-breaking achievement that will be remembered throughout history as he surpassed the one million mark on sold album copies. On August 23 (Sunday), Baekhyun shared the photo of his newest achievement he received on his personal Instagram account.

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Through the appreciation plaque given to him by his beloved agency, SM Entertainment, the agency recounted Baekhyun’s achievements that will surely reach greater heights. Also, the agency exclaimed, “The first solo artist of our company surpassing one million album copies and with this plaque of gratitude, we hope Baekhyun continues to break records and also continue walking with SM Entertainment towards the path of outstanding growth and development.”

According to Zapzee’s recent report, Baekhyun’s second mini-album titled “Delight,” which was released back in May 2020, exceeded 1 million album sales: 1,018,746 physical copies to be exact. It broke the 19-year record of Kim Gun Mo’s seventh album titled “Another Days” in 2001.

Furthermore, the artist was not alone when he achieved the “million sellers” title but instead as a group with EXO. Baekhyun is not new to setting records, their first regular album titled “XOXO” then hit the million mark in 2013. The record was achieved after 12 years in the South Korean music industry. Baekhyun became the second artist who earned a million sales as a soloist and as a group, following the record of artist Seo Taiji of Seo Taiji and Boys.

Hellokpop recently reported that Baekhyun is causing a giant wave in the K-Pop scene by actively performing as a solo artist. He is also an active EXO member and the leader and main vocalist and could be considered as the “Captain America” of the “Avengers of K-Pop” group, Super M.

Super M will soon release their first full-length album titled “Super One” on September 25 that will surely captivate the hearts of their beloved fans.