From running towards life goals and love to evil being in a slimy form, or even a sassy government conglomerate sinister are the themes this September for the South Korean drama series on the online streaming platform - Netflix.

The long month of September will undoubtedly pass by with K-drama's newest entry to the world used streaming application. Male lead stars hail Nam Joo Hyuk, Park Bo Gum, and Go Kyung Pyo. Aside from these dashing and heart-melting lads, K-drama dabs will also interact with its female lead actresses, namely Seohyun, Park So Dam, and Jung Yu Mi.

But that's not all!

As per Hellokpop, Netflix will also give prominence to an enthralling movie to add its viewers to continuing quarantine season. The film entitled #Alive will mark its first premiere on Netflix this coming September 8, following its theatrical release. The exciting movie will be made available worldwide with its premiere.

#Alive is a survival-themed movie that casts actors Park Shin Hye and Yoo Ah In. The film's story plot will go on will its characters isolated in a home building without any resources in communicating outside. An odd monster will add up to the film's thrilling story as it will try to destroy everyone inside the building.


'Record of Youth' will be made known on Netflix on September 7, following the lives of three young people thriving their way in life. The three lead roles will all met in a fashion firm where they embrace love and failure as they go along in life.


The story of Ahn Eun-young as a school nurse will make its way to Netflix on September 25. The character played by Jung Yu Mi can see "supernatural jellies."


The sinister drama series is still in talks between Netflix and the production for its air date.