The highly-sought K-drama, 'Record of Youth,' sets the release date in September.

As Park So-Dam, Byun Woo-Seok, and Park Bo-Gum are in full gear to mesmerize their fans across the globe, Netflix has announced the premiere date of 'Record of Youth' on September 7.

According to Hellokpop, the forthcoming tvN drama series revolves around three young people who are determined to fulfill their dreams and experience true love despite life's chaotic mess. It conveys how reality can be turned into something luxurious by setting their eyes in achieving their life goals.

The story plot kicks off with Won Hae-Hyo, played by Byeon Woo-Seok, and Sa Hye-Jun, played by Park Bo-Gum, as childhood pals who ventures to the drama industry. The plot will go on with the two characters meeting An Jeong-Ha, played by Park-So Dam, a rookie makeup artist. The trio's distinct life backgrounds of personal and family struggles will play the cryptic game of love, friendship, and testing.

On July 9, Netflix shared a teaser video of 'Record of Youth' on their official Youtube channel, preparing the hearts of K-drama fans worldwide for what's in store. Each actor nails each character's portrayal as they swing their acting skills as hopeful youths in a chaotic world full of struggles.

Another video clip has mesmerized the trio's fans as Netlfix shared a heart-melting teaser that hints the emerging romantic connection of Park So-Dam to Park Bo-Gum. The snippet is an excerpt from a scene between the two actors where An Jeong-Ha drunkenly blurted out that she will end his admiration for Sa Hye-Jun.

Another video teaser shows An Jeong-Ha's sad sentiment where she remembers Sa Hye-Jun in the rain. The actor comforted the actress by tying a scarf for her.

In a report by Cosmo PH, Netflix will air two episodes of 'Record of Youth' weekly every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 P.M.