The murder mystery series Stranger, also known as Bimilui Soop in Korea, was first aired and released in 2017 on the South Korean entertainment network "tvN," and on Netflix simultaneously. The show gained attraction for its stunning and unpredictable storyline even though criminal investigation dramas are not so often popular in Korea, says Look at Korea.

According to Dramabeans, although season 1 ended with a "perfect" finale, leaving the viewers with excellent resolutions for all its plot lines and characters, it's still exquisitely arrayed for a second season was announced on September 2019, ultimately.

Now 'Stranger 2' is picking it up with the arduous team-up of Prosecutor Hwang Si-Mok and Detective Han Yeo-jin to work on a concealed case. The feud within the Prosecutor's Office wanting unrestricted power over investigations and the National Police Agency demanding a self-governed authority is anticipated to fume in season 2.

As for the cast, Cho Seung-woo (Hwang Si-Mok), Bae Doona (Han Yeo-Jin), Lee Joon-hyuk (Seo Dong- Jae), and Yoo Jae-Myung (Lee Chang-Joon) are set to return for season 2, together with some new faces Choi Bit (Jeon Hye-Jin) and Woo Tae-ha (Choi Moo-Sung).

In the latest teaser released by Netflix, Si-Mok narrates, "Everyone who chooses to remain silent is an accomplice." The one-sentence statement foretells the engaging atmosphere that the upcoming sequel will bring very soon. With the discord between the Prosecutor's Office and the National Police Agency, Si-Mok and Yeo-jin team up to resolve a case, while facing conflicts against those who want these secrets unveiled.

Stranger 2's production is delighted to announce that the well-loved series is coming back on Netflix. Moreover, the reprised drama series is said to take over 'It's Okay Not To Be Okay's' timeslot on tvN and distributed on an online streaming platform, Netflix.

For more of 'Stranger 2,' stay tuned!