While they gear up for their highly awaited comeback next week, ITZY expresses their views on a fresh concept for their anticipated return!

Since exploding onto the K-pop stage last year with their debut single "IT'z Different" and their mega-successful main song "DALLA DALLA," ITZY maintained its momentum with the first two mini-albums, "IT'z Icy" and "IT'z Me" (with the title songs "ICY" and "WANNABE" respectively).

With three releases under their sleeve, the band is now making preparations to launch a new chapter in their memoir with their third mini-album, "Not Shy," set to drop on August 17.

Explaining how their "Not Shy" concept was a significant change from their previous releases, the ITZY members said, "This is our third return since our debut. We 're tense, but we're still proud and happy. 'Not Shy' has a distinct concept from our past 'IT'z' albums, which demonstrated confidence in me."

"We 're so intrigued about what people are going to think after listening to our upcoming opening track. We ' would like to see how people respond to this different persona of us." the K-pop idols stated. (via Soompi)

The group also expressed how excited they were to show the world the music they worked hard to record day and night and hoped to reach many people as soon as possible. ITZY also conveyed a feeling of nervousness for their upcoming comeback next week and showed confidence in their work as they share that they gave their best to come up with the best performance and music.

The band shares prospective plans and shares their hopes for their group ITZY to continue gaining momentum and success in the music industry. They concluded their statements by asking the fans to look forward to their music releases and comeback this year and thanked them for their undying love and support for the band since debut.

ITZY's 'Not Shy' will be dropped next week on August 17, 6 P.M. KST.