IU's pre-released track 'Love wins all' from her upcoming 6th mini-album has demonstrated the virtue of creativity by not only providing entertainment but also offering food for thought and interpretation, which stands as a crucial criterion in determining the value of a work.

'Love wins all' features compositions by Seo Dong-hwan, known for his warm melodies, and lyrics by IU herself, who has been recognized as an artist rather than just a performer due to her direct involvement in songwriting. The song presents a warm piano melody enriched with strings and band sounds, reminiscent of IU's previous hits like 'To the Name' and 'Ending Scene', with a dynamic melody that builds up to a majestic climax.

The lyrics penned by IU navigate through dark and somber themes, yet highlight love amidst challenging and uncertain circumstances with messages of togetherness and support. The repeated refrain and the evolution of the lyrics from dark beginnings to a united front against a prejudiced and hateful world imply a stand for love.

The music video for 'Love wins all', directed by Uhm Tae-hwa of 'Concrete Utopia', complements the song with its cinematic quality, featuring IU and BTS's V as the protagonists in a dystopian narrative. The mysterious cube, the love-filtered camcorder, and the characters' disabilities serve as key metaphors, inviting various interpretations.

However, the portrayal of IU's muteness and V's blindness has drawn criticism for allegedly misunderstanding disability, suggesting that an ideal life is one without disabilities. This interpretation overlooks the deeper, metaphorical meanings of the characters' conditions, representing mental scars and the difficulties of communicating and seeing the world clearly due to societal prejudice and hate.

The ending, which can be seen as a happy one, shows the protagonists escaping the stereotypes that can lead to discrimination and oppression, symbolized by the falling dress and tuxedo from the sky.

While 'Love wins all' is open to various interpretations, respecting different viewpoints is essential to understanding its value and message.