BTS's V has garnered high praise for his immersive acting skills in a music video. On January 24th, IU released the music video for her pre-release track "Love wins all," featuring V.

Directed by Um Tae-hwa of "Concrete Utopia" fame, the music video's dystopian narrative, showcasing a world seen through the left eye and a voiceless existence, has captivated audiences with its unique visual storytelling. V's portrayal of a character navigating a ruined world, relying on each other in wounded and weary states, has been lauded for its intense and poignant delivery. His ability to convey a range of emotions, from despair to determination, has touched viewers deeply.

Since making his acting debut in the drama "Hwarang" in 2016, V has demonstrated significant growth as an actor through this music video, showcasing his analytical approach to conveying complex emotions. The anticipation for V's future in acting is higher than ever, especially after his appearance on "IU's Palette" last year, where IU acknowledged the numerous script offers V has received.

The "Love wins all" music video achieved 10 million views in just 18 hours after its release and has since surpassed 20 million views, maintaining the top spot on YouTube's Worldwide chart for three consecutive days. It has also ranked first in popular videos in various countries, highlighting V's global appeal.