BTS's Jin continues to receive global love for his first solo song "AWAKE." Recently, "AWAKE" topped the iTunes Chart in Trinidad and Tobago, showcasing Jin's powerful music influence.

"AWAKE" has achieved #1 in a total of 63 countries on iTunes, making Jin the first solo artist to top the charts in over 60 countries with all his solo songs. Additionally, "AWAKE" is the first solo song by a BTS member to reach #1 on Billboard's Trending 140 chart and was the first BTS solo song to appear on a real-time Billboard chart since "Spring Day" in 2017.

"AWAKE" is also notable for being the first BTS solo song to be played on one of the biggest radio stations in the United States, '103.7 KISS FM.'

The song is part of BTS's second full album "WINGS." It is known for Jin's delicate emotional expression, powerful vocal color, and impressive high notes. Jin also participated in composing and writing "AWAKE," delivering touching melodies and heartfelt lyrics. In the song, he compares the BTS members to delicate flower petals and conveys a message of hope with his sweet voice.

Since its official release via VLIVE on September 13, 2016, "AWAKE" has been loved for a long time, maintaining its popularity.

The arrangement of "AWAKE" is characterized by its smooth piano melody and orchestral harmony. Jin's delicate and emotional vocals add depth to the atmosphere, and his unique ability to express escalating emotions through his lyrics shines through.

Currently serving as an exemplary military assistant in the army, Jin continues to set new records and prove his unmatched popularity as a top solo artist, despite being in his military service period. Jin is scheduled to be discharged in June.