Jimin of BTS has made a remarkable impact with his song 'Like Crazy', which was selected as the best K-pop solo song of 2023 in the United States. Billboard placed 'Like Crazy' at the number two spot in its list of 'The 25 Best K-Pop Songs of 2023', published on their official website on December 28 last year.

Billboard lauded 'Like Crazy' as a synth-based love song about losing oneself in the lights, reaching number one on the Billboard 'Hot 100' chart on its own merit. The song was compared to the Weeknd's 'Blinding Lights', one of the most successful songs in Billboard chart history, in several aspects.

The music video for 'Like Crazy' was also highly praised. Billboard stated, "Jimin's dreamy vocals create a sensory overload, and the visuals of neon lights sweeping by create a world that is slightly terrifying but irresistibly captivating."

'Like Crazy' is the only K-pop solo song included in Billboard staff's 'Top 50 Songs of Mid-Year 2023'. Billboard noted that while K-pop in the U.S. has primarily been a phenomenon associated with group acts, Jimin's solo debut changed the course, striking the charts with smooth, melodic dance-pop and making history as the first Korean solo artist to top the Billboard 'Hot 100'.

Chart data recognized Jimin as the fifth on the 'Best Selling Downloads of 2023', following artists like Jason Aldean, Miley Cyrus, Oliver Anthony, and Morgan Wallen, marking Jimin's unique popularity and influence in the U.S. as the only Asian artist in the top 5.

The success of 'Like Crazy' continues, with the song maintaining a 40-week streak on both Billboard's 'Global' and 'Global (Excluding U.S.)' charts as of January 6th. Jimin's solo single 'Closer Than This', filled with love for his fans, topped both the 'Digital Song Sales' and 'World Digital Song Sales' charts. Jimin has been dominating the music scene with his name appearing in five charts across seven categories, including the 'Artist 100'.

Following his 'Hot 100' number one achievement, Jimin was also featured in 'The New York Times'' list of '20 Firsts of 2023', gaining significant recognition as a monumental figure. 'Like Crazy' continues to receive extensive acclaim from prominent music media such as Billboard, Grammy, and Consequence of Sound, celebrating it as one of the best solo K-pop songs of 2023.