BTS's Jimin is set to surprise fans with a special Christmas gift, a heartfelt new song.

Big Hit Music, Jimin's agency, announced on December 21st, "We are delighted to inform you that BTS member Jimin's solo digital single 'Closer Than This' will be released. 'Closer Than This' is a fan song filled with Jimin's sincere message to ARMY. It expresses the love for fans and the promise to protect them through its lyrics. We hope you enjoy 'Closer Than This' and have a hopeful and warm end of the year."

The news of Jimin's new song release took over X (formerly Twitter), with '#CloserThanThis' reaching the top of the global real-time trends, followed by '#ThisIsJimin' in second place, and 'JIMIN IS COMING', 'PARK JIMIN', 'Jiminie' securing third to fifth places respectively. The song trended from first to second place in Korea and second to fourth place in the United States, heating up social media on a cold winter night.

Prior to this, at 11:30 PM on December 20th, a dance video set to 'Closer Than This' was released on BTS's official social media channels titled "I Truly Love You ARMY." In the video, Jimin exudes happy energy with his bright smile and adorable expressions. The video ends touchingly with messages to fans like "Don't worry", "I'll be back", "Stay healthy and happy", and "I truly love you", offering an emotional farewell before his military enlistment.

'Closer Than This', another fan song following Jimin's self-composed tracks 'Promise', 'Christmas Love', and the hidden track 'Letter' from his solo album, will be released on December 22nd at 2 PM (KST).