BTS V's 'Christmas Tree' has climbed to the top of Spotify's most-streamed K-OST chart, shining light on his reputation as the reliable 'OST King.' As of December 2nd, 'Christmas Tree' surpassed 365 million streams on Spotify, setting a new record for the most-streamed K-OST.

As of December 11th, the song has reached over 366.89 million streams, with V's own composition 'Sweet Night' holding the second place with over 352.91 million streams, showcasing his formidable power in music streaming.

Released on Christmas Eve of 2021 and featured in the drama 'Our Beloved Summer,' 'Christmas Tree' is known for V's warm and sweet vocal style that enhances the emotional depth of the drama. The song was planned from the beginning with V in mind, as revealed by Music Director Nam Hye Seung, who expressed joy in working on the track, highlighting the unique charms of V's voice in different ranges.

Upon its release, 'Christmas Tree' became the first Korean solo song to top the Billboard U.S. Digital Song Sales Chart and made history by entering the Billboard 'Hot 100,' proving its immense popularity.

In 2022, 'Christmas Tree' was featured in Spotify Wrapped's year-end data as the most-streamed K-OST globally and the eighth most-streamed K-pop song of the year.

Previously, 'Elite Daily' in the U.S. selected 'Christmas Tree' as one of the 24 new Christmas classics released since the year 2000. Additionally, the song ranked first in the 'Most Popular Christmas Songs on Spotify' playlist published by Edinburgh Live, alongside renowned tracks such as Mariah Carey's iconic 'All I Want for Christmas Is You,' earning widespread acclaim.