Members RM and V of the group BTS are enlisting side by side today (December 11).

The two are set to enter the Nonsan training center this afternoon. There will be no separate official events on the day of their enlistment. Their agency, Big Hit Entertainment, has asked fans to refrain from visiting the site to prevent safety accidents due to on-site congestion and to send their warm farewells and encouragement in spirit only.

Previously, RM posted a lengthy letter on the global fan community Weverse, sharing his thoughts before enlistment. He expressed, "I was so happy to live as a member of BTS for the past ten years. As I've always said, an end is another beginning, and I have no doubt that something good awaits us after this is over."

He continued, "I believe this period of 18 months, long or short, will be a time of unfamiliar and new inspiration and learning for all of us. Is there anything more comforting than the fact that during this vague time, there's something to look forward to and anticipate?"

During a Weverse live broadcast, RM commented on enlistment, saying, "It might take some time, but it's nothing big. It's been about 10 years since our debut. A year and a half will pass quickly." He added, "Expect true Chapter 2 after we return, as we will have accumulated more stories and energy to share as BTS."

V also shared his feelings before enlistment during the live broadcast, stating, "I'm really excited. We need to scatter once to understand the importance of reuniting." He added, "I might meet younger friends in the military, but I think I can gain newness from talking with them."

"My goal is to build strength and stamina in the military so that I can perform a dozen concerts without getting tired, and have the shoulder strength to not be pushed around by anyone," V expressed his expectations.

V shared a photo of his shaved head on the 10th, saying, "It was my dream. Shaved head with sunglasses. I've always wanted to try it, and I'm glad I did."

Known to have applied for the special forces of the Army's Capital Defense Command, V said, "There was an article about where I'm going. ARMYs were worried, but honestly, I want to experience it, and I have my goals, so I hope you won't worry too much. I'll return healthy without getting hurt. Just trust me."

Jin enlisted last December, and J-Hope in April this year, while Suga has been serving as a public service worker since September. RM and V are the fourth members of BTS to enlist. Jimin and Jungkook are set to enlist in active duty a day later, on the 12th.

The expected timeframe for the resumption of BTS's full group activities is after June 2025.