BTS V's debut solo album 'Layover' has made a historic mark, staying on the UK Official Chart longer than any other K-pop solo artist, further emphasizing its prominence.

Released on September 8th, 'Layover', by its 6th week (as of October 20th), maintained its position on the UK Official Chart's Album Downloads Charts. This marks a consecutive 6-week run.

The title track, 'Slow Dancing', also remained on the Single Sales Charts and Single Downloads Charts for six consecutive weeks, setting a new record for K-pop solo artists.

Included tracks such as 'Love Me Again', 'Rainy Days', 'For Us', and 'Blue' all showcased dominant streaming power, ranking on the singles charts in two categories for five consecutive weeks.

On October 24th, 'Layover' reached 4th on the iTunes UK Top Albums Chart. Meanwhile, the release of 'Slow Dancing (FRNK)' on the 23rd rose to the top of the Top Music Videos chart, proving its soaring popularity.

Upon its initial release, V's solo album 'Layover' took the top spot on the Official Chart's Album Download Chart. The title song 'Slow Dancing' secured the 1st position on both the 'Single Sales Chart' and 'Single Downloads Chart', becoming the first K-pop solo artist to achieve number one in three categories simultaneously, winning the 'UK Chart Specialist Awards'. The 'Love Me Again' music video also achieved the distinction of becoming the first K-pop artist's video to simultaneously rank 1st on both the 'Tidal UK Top Video' chart and Apple Music's 'UK Video' chart.

Moreover, on iTunes 'Top Albums Chart', amidst competition with renowned pop stars like Drake, ABBA, and Ed Sheeran, V's 'Layover' astonishingly secured the 1st place.

The renowned UK music magazine 'NME' commented on V's 'Layover', stating, "V chose artistry over commerciality. While he might have made us wait, it was undoubtedly worth it." They added praise by noting, "V's voice is lyrical, and when it descends into deeper ranges, it's chillingly peak-perfect."