BTS's Jimin has illuminated the charts with his dazzling record for "With You" across various platforms.

Signaling Jimin's fresh start as a solo artist, the song "With You," an OST for the tvN drama 'Our Blues,' has surpassed 250 million streams on Spotify, the world's largest music platform, as of September 26th.

In South Korea's largest music platform, Melon, "With You" achieved 56.9 million streams and recorded 550,000 listens on the global music discovery app, Shazam. Even without the appearance of the artist in the official music video, it has garnered over 49 million views on YouTube, continuously receiving immense love across various platforms.

Upon its release, "With You" astonished many by securing the No.1 spot on the iTunes Top Song charts in 100 countries within just 4 hours and 42 minutes, setting a new record for the shortest time to achieve this feat. This monumental achievement shortened the record previously held by BTS's mega-hit song "Dynamite" by over four hours.

Notably, even considering sales from its immediate release without prior reservations, this remains a valid and unparalleled record. Following this, Jimin's song conquered iTunes charts in 119 countries, hinting at the fervent support from fans who have been eagerly anticipating his solo endeavors.

Previously, "With You" had claimed the top spot in RollingStone India's "Top 10 Korean Drama OSTs of 2022." The media outlet praised it, stating the song elevated music to a classic level.

Jimin's serene yet passionate voice in "With You" continues to captivate listeners, proving its undying popularity as a timeless masterpiece.