J-Hope, a member of the supergroup BTS, has been recognized as a 'Special Warrior' while serving as an army instructor.

On the 6th, in the afternoon, J-Hope shared on the global fan community Weverse, "I've been recognized as a Special Warrior. Giving my best in every situation has led to good results," revealing his achievement.

Regarding his role as an instructor, he expressed, "I've adapted faster than I thought and am diligently serving. However, guiding and assisting the first steps and initial experiences of South Korean youths in the military organization brings a significant responsibility with every new batch of trainees."

Nevertheless, he added, "The pride I feel in this role is no less than what I felt during BTS activities. I wanted to share that I'm doing very well and am maturing impressively."

He also uploaded a photo of himself wearing a black Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) t-shirt.

In the army, soldiers demonstrating exceptional combat skills are selected every quarter. This title is given to soldiers who excel in physical and mental strength. Previously, Jin, the first BTS member to enlist, was selected as a Special Warrior in July. At that time, Jin teased J-Hope on Weverse, saying, "If you don't earn the Special Warrior title, it'll be a disgrace to BTS. Make sure to get it by the end of this month."

Currently, out of the seven BTS members, three, including Jin, J-Hope, and Suga, are fulfilling their military duties.