BLACKPINK's Lisa, a global sensation and a member of one of the most popular K-pop groups, recently made waves in Paris. The 26-year-old singer from Thailand marked a significant milestone as the first-ever female K-Pop act to grace the stage of the iconic Crazy Horse in Paris. Over the weekend, she successfully delivered five exclusive shows, captivating audiences with her sultry performances.

The anticipation surrounding Lisa's performances at Crazy Horse was palpable. Fans from all corners of the globe, fondly known as BLINKS, eagerly awaited her appearance. However, only a select few who managed to secure tickets had the privilege of witnessing Lisa's performances in person. Given the strict no-photography and no-video policy at the venue, many fans were left to their imagination, relying on online descriptions and snippets to get a glimpse of the star's onstage presence.

Thanks to some dedicated fans and media outlets, descriptions of Lisa's outfits during the shows began to circulate online. While some of her attire choices were daring, others were tastefully modified versions of the original costumes traditionally worn by the cabaret's female performers.

According to fan accounts, Lisa showcased a variety of outfits during her Parisian cabaret stint. One particularly striking ensemble was inspired by the scarlet uniforms of the Buckingham Palace guards in London. While the original Crazy Horse dancers often perform topless, Lisa opted for a more modest version, ensuring she was adequately covered. Another standout look featured Lisa in a green bob-cut wig, donning a three-piece black ensemble that included a cropped jacket, sultry lingerie top, and shorts. Fans also caught glimpses of Lisa in a vibrant pink wig, wearing a bikini-like outfit, harmoniously blending in with the other dancers.

In a nod to corporate chic, Lisa donned a CEO-inspired outfit for her "Crisis" performance. This ensemble comprised a crisp white collared top, a sleek black skirt, and sophisticated glasses. Fans noted that she wore this particular outfit twice during her shows.

Lisa's performances at Crazy Horse were not just a hit among her fans. Several celebrities made their way to the venue to witness her in action. Notably, her fellow BLACKPINK members - Rosé, Jisoo, and Jennie - were in attendance to support her. Rosé and Jisoo cheered for Lisa on the first day, while Jennie flew in straight from South Korea to catch the final performance.

As Lisa wrapped up her historic stint in Paris, questions surrounding BLACKPINK's future with YG Entertainment began to resurface. While there's no official word on contract renewals, it's evident that the members are focusing on individual projects and recuperating after their exhaustive "Born Pink" global tour.