BTS's Jungkook has once again set a new K-pop record with his chart-topping power in Japan through his track 'Seven'.

Jungkook's first solo single 'Seven', released on July 14th, secured the number one spot on Spotify's 'Weekly Top Song Japan' chart for the week of September 8th to 14th.

Despite 'Seven' being an English track, it garnered around 2.4 million streams (after filtering) in a week, surpassing the local hit 'アイドル' ('Idol') by the project unit YOASOBI, showcasing its immense streaming power.

Previously, 'Seven' had steadily climbed the 'Weekly Top Song Japan' chart, peaking at number two, and finally clinched the top spot in its ninth week since release.

Jungkook has made history by becoming the first K-pop solo artist, and the first K-pop artist in 2023, to achieve the number one position on Spotify Japan's Weekly Chart.

Earlier, on July 18th, Jungkook had also topped Spotify Japan's 'Daily Top Song' chart, becoming the first-ever K-pop solo artist to do so. This means he has now topped both the 'Weekly' and 'Daily' charts on Spotify Japan, a first for any artist.

In addition to his Spotify achievements, Jungkook also made waves on Billboard Japan. Within just three days of its release, 'Seven' ranked second on the 'Hot 100' chart and first on the 'Download Songs' chart. As of September 20th, he secured the 7th spot on Billboard Japan's 'Hot 100', 6th on 'Streaming Songs', 11th on TikTok Weekly Top 20, and 42nd on 'Download Songs'.

Furthermore, based on the data from July 14th and 15th, 'Seven' topped the Oricon 'Daily Digital Single Ranking' in Japan for two consecutive days. On TikTok Japan, the song maintained its position as the number one 'Hot Song' for four weeks, further proving the powerful wave of 'Seven'.

With 'Seven', Jungkook also shined on Spotify's global charts. He set records as the first and longest-running Asian artist to stay at number one on both the Weekly and Daily Top Song Global charts, holding the top spot for a consecutive eight weeks and 57 days, solidifying his status as a 'Global Music King'.