For 11 months, BLACKPINK toured 34 cities worldwide, delivering 66 performances. Now, they've wrapped up their extensive 'journey' in Seoul. To put their fan engagement into perspective, they met 1.8 million fans during this period - that's more than the combined populations of Gangwon Province and Jeju Island.

On the 17th, at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul's Guro District, BLACKPINK held the finale of their world tour 'BORN PINK'. Over two days, they gathered a total of 35,000 fans, with 17,500 attending each day.

Hours before the concert, the area around the Gocheok Sky Dome was swarming with fans. Despite being a 'Seoul concert', there seemed to be more international fans than Koreans, giving the impression that the world tour was still ongoing. Even though the concert was scheduled to start at 6 PM, fans were busy capturing memories of BLACKPINK at the venue.

Despite a 20-minute delay due to fans still entering, BLACKPINK opened with 'Pink Venom', followed by hits like 'How You Like That', 'Pretty Savage', 'Whistle', 'Playing with Fire', and 'Kill This Love'. Each member, Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa, also showcased their solo performances.

Throughout the 11-month world tour, BLACKPINK consistently demonstrated why they're at the pinnacle of K-POP girl groups. Their vocals and performances were solid, their expressions relaxed, and their interactions with fans felt natural. Their synergy with the dancers, especially the foreign ones, added a unique flavor to the show.

The fans responded in kind. BLINKs created a sea of pink with their light sticks from the get-go. They cheered for every appearance and reacted to every word. When Jennie mentioned she felt sad seeing fans sitting, they immediately stood up. Jisoo's comment about fans sitting far away prompted another wave of standing ovations, creating a shared celebratory atmosphere.

A notable highlight was the traditional Korean roof tile set, shaped like the letter 'ㅅ', which had received acclaim at the 'Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival' in the U.S. last April. YG Entertainment explained that they had refined the set's curvature, texture, and three-dimensionality for this concert.

What fans were most anticipating, besides BLACKPINK's dazzling performances, were the members' remarks. Having debuted in August 2016, BLACKPINK has now completed their 7-year exclusive contract with YG Entertainment, but there's been no news of a renewal. However, the members refrained from discussing this, focusing instead on their performances and occasionally sharing their feelings about the concert.

Jisoo expressed, "Exactly a year ago, we started our concert in Seoul, and I'm happy we could conclude it here. I'm grateful to BLINKs for making it a cherished memory." Rosé added, "It feels like just yesterday when Jennie cried during one of our concerts, but several years have passed. This might be the end, but it feels eternal. I'm truly happy."

Lisa, who had written her thoughts on her smartphone, shared, "It's been 2,596 days since we met BLINKs. We've performed at various grand venues, and without BLINKs, we couldn't have done it. Thank you for making my 20s shine."

Jennie concluded, "I want to tell our members that they've worked hard. It's been a tumultuous year. This year marks our 7th since debut. Looking back, we always wanted to show our best, and we regretted not meeting many BLINKs in Korea. That's why we wanted to have the encore finale in Seoul. We promise to continue being the best BLACKPINK."