In the world of K-pop, where every move of an idol or group is closely watched and analyzed, speculations can ignite a wildfire of discussions. This is precisely what happened recently in the NewJeans fandom. An online forum posed a seemingly simple yet loaded question: "When NewJeans members make their solo debut, who do you think will be first?" This query set the fandom, affectionately known as Bunnies, into a fervent debate.

The question, while straightforward, carries with it the weight of anticipation. NewJeans, a group that has been in the limelight for various reasons, has its members constantly under the microscope. The possibility of a solo debut is a significant milestone, not just for the member but for the fandom as well.

Among the flood of responses, Haerin's name popped up as an underdog contender. A fan commented, "I think it's Haerin... I guess I'm the only one..." suggesting that while Haerin might not be the most obvious choice, she has a dedicated following believing in her potential.

However, the majority seemed to lean towards two members: Hanni and Danielle. Both have been fan favorites for a while, and the debate between the two was intense. While one fan expressed excitement for Hanni's potential solo, saying, "I'm looking forward to Hanni's solo," others saw Danielle as the frontrunner.

Hyein, another member, was also part of the discussion. Some fans felt she might be too young for a solo debut, while others believed she could be the dark horse, surprising everyone with a solo venture.

While the debate on the solo debut was fiery, another significant update for NewJeans fans was the group's collaboration with McDonald's in Malaysia. This collaboration, reminiscent of the BTS meal, features unique packaging that combines the iconic NewJeans bunny mascot with the McDonald's 'M' logo. The meal offers two combinations: a Spicy Crispy Chicken burger and a Spicy Crispy Chicken Wrap, both accompanied by McDonald's famous fries and a drink.

This collaboration is not just a culinary delight but also a fusion of NewJeans' music and style with McDonald's global brand appeal.

In conclusion, while the question of who will make their solo debut first in NewJeans remains unanswered, one thing is clear: the group's influence and reach, both in music and brand collaborations, continue to grow. As fans eagerly await more updates, the world of K-pop watches closely, always ready for the next big news.