BTS's V faced an alarming situation when an overzealous fan grabbed his hair.

On the 22nd, V traveled to Japan to attend an event for the French brand CELINE, with whom he is currently serving as a global ambassador.

As V exited the CELINE event, a large crowd gathered outside the store. Amidst the excited screams of fans, V gestured for them to lower their voices and make way. Security personnel worked diligently to ensure V's safety as they moved through the crowd.

However, as V approached his car, a particularly fervent fan was caught on camera grabbing his hair. V was taken by surprise, and the situation could have easily escalated to a more dangerous level.

Fans who saw the footage expressed their outrage, commenting, "No matter how big of a fan you are, this is crossing the line," and "Idols are humans too."

In the video from that day, upon arriving at the venue, V greeted fans with a bright smile, waving continuously and even shaking hands with a few. Given his exceptional love and consideration for fans, many are now concerned that this incident might affect his spirits.

On another note, V is set to release his solo album 'Layover' on September 8th. His pre-released track 'Love Me Again' has already made its way onto Billboard's 'Hot 100'.