In recent days, the K-pop world was abuzz with allegations of plagiarism against BTS's Jungkook for his song "Seven." The claims were initiated by Yang Joon Young, the producer for Fin K.L's song "Time of Mask." However, a comprehensive investigation by Dispatch has now debunked these allegations, providing a clear side-by-side comparison that illuminates the differences between the two tracks.

Yang Joon Young had previously asserted that while the keys of both songs were distinct, their four-bar scale systems were identical. He pinpointed similarities between the chorus of "Time of Mask" (from 0:52 to 1:10) and the opening second verse of Jungkook's "Seven" (from 1:05 to 1:20). However, Dispatch's analysis revealed that the key sounds of the two songs were entirely different. "Time of Mask" is set in E major, while "Seven" is in B minor. To provide a clearer comparison, Dispatch adjusted the keys of both songs, changing "Time of Mask" to A minor and "Seven" to C major.

Upon altering the songs, Dispatch compared the notes of the melodies once more. While some notes were found to be identical, a significant number of sung notes showcased differences. This effectively disproved Yang Joon Young's claims of the songs being identical. Detailed graphs provided by Dispatch highlighted the distinctions between the melodies of "Time of Mask" and "Seven," including the presence of sharp and flat signs.

Furthermore, Yang Joon Young had mentioned reaching out to a HYBE producer, referred to as "A," for clarification. However, it was clarified that producer "A" was not affiliated with HYBE but was an external producer. HYBE, in response to the allegations, commented that the claims of plagiarism were one-sided and that they had not received any materials related to this information. The company emphasized that the similarities between the two songs were incomprehensible.

In addition to Dispatch's analysis, an external composer was consulted to provide an expert opinion on the matter. The composer highlighted that there are only 12 main notes, including sharps, and many songs tend to have similar-sounding notes. To determine plagiarism, both melody and chorus must be considered. In this case, the two songs were found to be entirely different, dismissing the plagiarism claims as baseless.

The entire episode serves as a reminder of the complexities involved in music production and the fine line between inspiration and imitation. While similarities between songs can arise, it's essential to approach such matters with thorough research and understanding. As for Jungkook and BTS, they can now move forward, focusing on their music and passionate fanbase.